29 Dec

How to plan like a Go-getter

Some goals are so deeply engrained in our conscious that we do not even need to jot them down. It is almost physically painful to not achieve them, on of these goals for me is being dept free. Other goals need some TLC in planning. There might be subconcios limitting believes at play, which make us get in our own way. We have all good intentions but somehow sabotage ourselves. Here is how to go about goal setting

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28 Dec

My Klear P2P lending experience – May 2019

my klear P2p lending experience

Choosing the platform

As with the other two online investment platforms I chose, the selection of Klear was prompted by the fact that there was a positive review from a reliable national economic magazine. It is a Bulgarian platform with an international team.

As strange as it sounds, I was attracted to Klear by the smaller scale of the platform. As they are the Credit originator themselves, they vet the credits with a great precision. They are very personable and live up to their name – transparent, clear operations

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28 Dec

My Housers Real Estate Croudfunding Experience (updated August 2019)

Housers is a platform registered in Spain and it grabbed my attention with its clear and simple interface and very juvenile look. I liked the fact that they operate on a market which is post huge real estate crisis. It would mean although picking up, the market will remain conservative and stable for the next 15 years.

I did my research and read reviews of other bloggers who have already experienced a few real estate crowdfunding platforms and had good base for comparison.

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28 Dec

Eat, pray, love – 3 people to meet after separation

3 steps how to rebuild your life after separation

eat, pray, love - 3 people to meet after separation

You would think this is a dating article, giving you an advice how to get back to the dating scene as soon as possible, after you experience of “change of the status”. In a sense it could be – but stay with me to the end; we will tackle that aspect too.

This article is intended for these who went through separation, divorce and yes – through loss.

In my opinion there are 3 specialists whom we need to consult in the aftermath of changing the status quo. That period of our life leaves us very vulnerable and susceptible to self harming behavior

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28 Dec

My iuvo-group P2P lending experience (August 2019 update)

As I made a promise to myself that 2018 will be the year of starting my investment and saving journey, I decided to research different platforms and based on blogger reviews and their experience to try few different ones.

Being Bulgarian I always like to read what happens on the Bulgarian market. I pay my earned income taxes in the country which I call home and currently live in – Malta. But I always keep an eye of what is happening back home. One of the renown national online financial magazines had an article called “Alternative investments”

That caught my attention of a Rebel, who seeks always the roads less travelled, and that is how I got to know about two platforms:

Klear and Iuvo-group. Today’s topic is about my experience so far with Iuvo-group

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28 Dec

5 personality tests which shaped my life

I believe I am one of the so called self development junkies. Testing any research and psychology test which gives more insights on how our emotional intelligence and the motivation behind our behavior. Here is the list of 5 personality tests which I found most effective in different areas of life.

It is highly unlikely that we take seriously a quiz in a magazine or any kind of time killer entertaining activity “to know ourselves”. But when behind these tests stays a big body of researches and therapists, HRs, and life coaches successfully apply them to asses your strengths, shortcomings, and tendencies in order to assist you to make your relationships more fulfilled, to make you stick to a plan, or guide you on your career choice, you would definitely concider sparing a bit of your free time, to get to know where you stand. Here are the 5 tests which were very revealing for me

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28 Dec

Why we stay in our own way to prove we are not vain

I guess I have always had a problem with the concept of Beauty and the glorifying of beautiful women. I always thought that it is somehow artificial and if beauty is not present it in its natural and pure state then we try to mislead and manipulate the others into a fake image of ours. A deep-rooted belief that if I emphasize and artificially cultivate my beauty it will steal away from my true qualities, and moreover I would be a lair making people believe something which is far from the truth. I always wished to be appreciated for my mental capacity over my appearance. although i never wanted to be ugly or obese or not pleasant looking i somehow diminished the role of the harmony in a personality. I would protest against obligatory make up at the workplace and certain hairstyles.

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28 Dec

Hello world!

Tis the season to be Jolly 🙂 And jolly we are! This blog is long overdue, finally it is my Xmas present to myself – if something goes public I hold myself accountable for my journey and my vision. And if you happen to find it useful for your own journey, I will be glad 🙂


And one silly joke for a start – “What does Santa Clause say when he walks backwards- “oh, oh, oh!”

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