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5 personality tests which shaped my life

I believe I am one of the so called self development junkies. Testing any research and psychology test which gives more insights on how our emotional intelligence and the motivation behind our behavior. Here is the list of 5 personality tests which I found most effective in different areas of life.

It is highly unlikely that we take seriously a quiz in a magazine or any kind of time killer entertaining activity “to know ourselves”. But when behind these tests stays a big body of researches and therapists, HRs, and life coaches successfully apply them to asses your strengths, shortcomings, and tendencies in order to assist you to make your relationships more fulfilled, to make you stick to a plan, or guide you on your career choice, you would definitely concider sparing a bit of your free time, to get to know where you stand. Here are the 5 tests which were very revealing for me

1.Five love languages test

It was an eye opening test, to show that two people might want to communicate the same message but utilize totally different languages. It does not matter if it is an intimate relationship or you craft a new bonus scheme for your employees. Fact is, f you don’t speak the language of appreciations of the other person, there is a huge chance that resentment will be built over time

2. 16 personality test (later on switched to Jungian personality test)

This test is used by matchmakers and HR’s. There is no rule set in stone that certain personality will fail in a profession which is unsuitable for the strengths which the personality possesses. Having said that, the test was spot on for my case. Through trial and error I have established through the years what I am capable to do and where even my will can not compensate. Should I persist in such an activity, my results would be rather mediocre.

As a very curious person I wanted to see with whom do I swim in the ENFJ pool. Sure enough I found people, whom I admire and aspire to reach the magnitude of their achievements. Then it clicked for me! I really looked up to these people. Even before I knew we share a personality type, their professional achievements resonated with me, so I might take that as a life path advise.

3.Four Tendencies Test

That is the test I did last, the results of it are still sitting with me. I need time to create a habit of implementing the knowledge I gained from the test. According to that test I am a Rebel;) I am about to test my new gained knowledge to achieve my weight lost plan for the next 3 months. Apparently there are four tendencies as it says, and each and every is motivated by different factors. People use it to quit smoking, stop procrastinating, some like me – to build a healthier regime! The test is great for parents as well!

4.Your money script

This is a money test which I did twice so far, to check my progress. My first results were not very positive – I scored very high on Financial infidelity =6.00, and Financial enabling =5.5 and Compulsive Buying = 4.55. To tell you the truth, after this test I thanked God I did this test while am still single and not a parent. I firmly decided to have that sorted before I get into big trouble.

In my case those negative high scores would mean :

  • I would hide the real cost of things which I purchase for myself. Funnily enough, I would do it, even if I am sharing with a person who has no financial relation with me
  • I would “steal from myself” money which I have allocated for a certain budget to use for other things
  • Sometimes I would be too generous with people who I perceive have less, even when I can not afford it.

I made a conscious effort to sort those tendencies! I took the test again and this year I scored way better and my script this year is highest in Money Vigilance. Happy to report, this is the proper mindset for Financial Independence

5.Your Character Strengths

This is a test which classifies 24 character strengths and gives you a report of your top 5. Then you are handed practical exercises what to do to nourish those strengths. Mine scored highest “love of learning” and my exercise is to read one non- fiction book a month, I will make sure to give you my book reviews 🙂

I hope this list of 5 personality tests will make you write your own homework! Share in the comments, which personality test you found most efficient in your life

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