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My Housers Real Estate Croudfunding Experience (updated August 2019)

Housers is a platform registered in Spain and it grabbed my attention with its clear and simple interface and very juvenile look. I liked the fact that they operate on a market which is post huge real estate crisis. It would mean although picking up, the market will remain conservative and stable for the next 15 years.

I did my research and read reviews of other bloggers who have already experienced a few real estate crowdfunding platforms and had good base for comparison.

How does the platform work?

As every crowdfunding platforms, there are projects listed, asking for funds. Starting from 200 000 eur up to 1 000 000 000 eur, the minimum investment per project is 50 eur

There are different kind of opportunities:

  • Buy-to-Let Opportunities
  • Buy-to-Sell Opportunities
  • Development Loan Opportunities

Beginners mistakes

What I did wrong was to make my first investment based on emotions :))) It was two days before my birthday and that was the month of my “growing up decisions”. That didn’t go well. I chose a Buy-To-Rent property from the secondary market which was not generating rent. The purchase was made for the sole reason that it was located in my favourite city – Florence.

Shortly after my first investment trial, I decided I can do better 🙂 Subsequently, I started choosing my properties with “investment” perspective, not as if I am choosing a destination for a romantic trip. Ever since my experience is smooth and positive.

I already cut my emotional attachment to the very first investment and sold it with no profit and no loss, did the same with one more property, which was a buy-to-sell property, but there was no positive progress for months.

Here is how my portfolio looks at the moment (August 2019)

Type of investments and distribution

So far my portfolio comprises of 8 properties. 2 of them are buy-to-rent, 3 are buy-to- sell – you get your profit after the sale of the property, and 3 with a fixed loan rate. Monthly I receive payments from the fixed loans and one of the buy to rent properties.

Projectinvestment type%investedtotal expectedup to nowduration of investmentstart of investment
ALGARVE RESIDENCEfixed interest rent553€13.25€0.1960 months04-07-2019
GARCÍA LUNAbuy to let3.95€50.00€9.60€1.8560 months15-08-2018
PALAZZO PITTIbuy to let2.6€50.00€1.35€0.00sold
OFELIA NIETObuy to sell6.93€70.00€4.94€0.0012 months03-01-2019
BARRIO AZULbuy to sell7.51€50.00€3.76€0.00sold
RETIRObuy to sell7.27€80.00€5.82€0.0012 months26-10-2018
SAN FRANCISCO EL GRANDEbuy to sell7.16€50.00€3.58€0.0012 months08-10-2018
MANILVAfixed loan9€50.00€4.50€2.9812 months30-11-2018
ROYAL GOLF MIJASfixed loan12.75€50.00€6.38€3.3818 months11-10-2018
PALAZZO REDOGLIAfixed loan13.5€200.00€27.00€14.9518 months02-10-2018

Here is how the math looks like. That would be the total expected earning of my investments, if all properties, which are buy-to-sell, go by plan.

Total invested€603.00
Income from DCC transactions0.00€
Housers Fees-1.73€
Credit card’s commission.0.00€
Net Income21.62€
Bonus Refer-A-friend Registration25.00€
Total Profit41.10€

Taxes are cut at source, which for me works fine as a person living in Malta. There are regular promotions with regards to Housers‘ fees, which is always an extra bonus.

the best part for the end

Housers is a relativly conservative platform, the avarage of my investment is 7,57% but I registered from a link from a blogger, who just like me shared his experience. That got me extra 25 eur to invest. Till the end of August the bonus for anybody who uses a referral link is 50 eur :)) That pumps profitability of investment a lot :)))

At the time I am writing this article there is a “invite a friend promotion”. By registering from my link each (me and you) side receives 50 euros to be used in investment. I got such a promotion myself and by registering from a link from a fellow blogger- it is a really good present :). So if you feel like starting investing with Housers – be my guests!

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