27 Jan

How to choose your career according to your personality?

A job, a career, or a calling

Knowing your personality is crucial for making life enhancing choices, which bring the best out of you. Let’s say you are born in a family of doctors, the pressure on you to follow in their footsteps might be huge. You might actually dutifully do so,  and put many years into studying becoming one, but you notice that you have to put twice the effort, comparing to other peers of yours.

Then it dawns on you, that you are trying to fill someone else’s shoes, without taking into the equation that you Ms Cinderella, or Mr Cindefella have your own shoe size, which fits you perfectly. It is time for you to choose a career according to your personality

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18 Jan

The importance of measuring your goals

One of my new year’s resolutions was to to loose certain weight in body fat percentage for a period of 6 months, I did two things to keep myself accountable

step 1. I shared it in a public post 
step 2. I made a pact with my workmates that all of us that we set personal weight goals which we need to reach. For the first two weeks after the new year, we were testing the waters, indulging in some foods which are not helpful for our goals, and putting off the actual work we need to do.

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12 Jan

5 things to do despite feeling immortal

1. Life insurance according to your situation.

I sorted my automatic savings and my long term saving and felt very proud of myself. Felt on right track with my life. And right around Christmas, when life gets hopeful, recharging, our spirits are high, I got very sad news that a very young, juvenile relative of mine passed away. The news were shocking and at the same time got me thinking about life and how we should be prepared for the worst. The morbidity of the topic got reinforced by a video on YouTube about “how much your funeral would cost if you die”.

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06 Jan

5 lessons I have learned from my failed businesses

1.A goal which is not measurable is just a dream!

We are told very often that we shall follow our dreams, which is a wonderful advise to give wings to someone, so they gain the courage try what they are truly passionate about but that can be sometimes too much of encouragement.
Depending on one’s tendency to get motivated there is a great chance of success due to the encouragement of other people or despite other people. Go big or go home is not a good always a good advise, when someone does not know the knots yet.

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