03 Jan

Review of 2018 Goals

For my 2018 goal list I relied heavily on NLP and self development courses, I continue using these techniques, especially if it is an area of my life, about which I do not have specific, executable plan and need to start from more global picture

Goal # 1 to reach 20K pre tax yearly payment

Achieved 73%

After successfully finishing an NLP practitioner course I decided that the best way for me is to set a practice called swish technique in which an unwanted behavior is visually replaced with a desired one. My unwanted behavior was sabotaging my own financial performance .
So my goal was to envision my actions and behavior when I reach an yearly income of 20 K (2 times more then my 2017 income) How would I act, what would I do, how would I feel.

I love the young Tony Robbins video on swish pattern see it here

Goal # 2 To sign into a weekly course for self developement

Achieved 100%

I have noticed how beneficial for my performance and goal setting was to have a weekly session with a cognitive therapist. I guess I have missed the sense of pride I feel from achieving my goals and sharing them with a parent (coach, mentor). There was a great sense of content that I felt when my therapist said that I was a Grade A student.

Even now, when I achieve a milestone I imagine I go to her office just to show her the results and say “thank you”. Weekly appointments were important for me but our course of sessions finished and I have noticed a void. A weekly self actualization and leadership was offered with the price of 28 eur for 10 months, and I immediately grabbed the chance, knowing that the course will keep me on track. At that course were born the following 2 goals, so I was pleased I found what keeps my gears well-oiled

Goal # 3 Buy a car within my budget

Acheived 74%

I wanted to pay for a car upfront in cash, so I was ready to buy anything on 4 wheels which had a bit of a “girly feel” to it and was not a generic brand with no zest. I was so much fascinated by mini cooper, that I was looking into 30 years old Mini’s, which were close to my price bracket.

Then two things happened. I was given a car for few months which fell like “that’s my car”. When I returned it I was already convinced that that should be THE CAR, and started looking for solutions. The blessing came in a form of a friend who was ready to give me the money in a repayment of year and a half. A beautiful, well-kept second hand car in a reasonable price range, and a good condition showed immediately.

Besides the sky high emotions of delight to have a cute car which suits me, we had to factor in other calculations. Had I gone for a cheaper car, was going actually to cost me way more in taxes and upkeep. So the calculations were in my favor and the deal was done. Still proud that I am not going to drag a 5 years loan and plan to have it over and done in less than a year

Goal # 4 Investing in property with 0% bank loan

Achived 100%

I always wanted to have the sweet feeling of owning a property, preferably income generating one. But I have a subconscious fear of banks especially of the word mortgage. I still have the bitter memories echoing in my mind from my childhood when my parents almost lost their home due to a huge economical crisis. There were times when my father would not be paid his wage 9 months in a row, even though he was working every single day. I remember the heavy conversations and the fear which they caused in my 7 years old brain. So I spent years looking for options which exclude bank loans and finally I got to find the Housers Real Estate Crowdfunding. I started with a micro step on the property ladder – my first investment was 50 eur.

See more about my Housers Real Estate Crowdfunding experience here

On top of that in October I purchased a property… I pay directly to the owner, so I feel blessed to have my wish turn into an achievable goal. Not a loan free, goal, but definitely a win-win situation

Goal # 5 Health improvement

Achieved 15%

I failed here, didn’t do any of the food intolerance and allergies tests planned. Only took my supplements for the most part. I am planning to transfer that goal to second part of 2019. Achieving the healthy diet goal at the beginning of 2019 will be my priority.

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