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Is an early retirement your thing?

When Tim Ferriss, Robert T. Kiyosaki and later on Mr Money Mustache were shaping the mindset of the financially independent revolution with “The 4 hours work week“, “Rich dad, poor dad“, “Your Money or Your Life“, we all got one message at first “get rich enough to sip infinite amount of cocktails on the beach”.

Is this our true aspiration though? I bet the idea is luring, but if your blueprint is creative, entrepreneurial and active, that will drive you plain nuts. And if you are from this breed of people who always have an itch to do something, you better be honest with yourself and set proper goals corresponding to your core identity. I do recommend reading their books, they are life changing, they open the mind to perspectives and ideas, which our 9 to 7 mindset needs in order to escape the rut. I also recommend this book called “Passion fueled income” by, which explains why passive income is not a thing for everybody 

Getting financially independent is a retirement plan – to retire one lifestyle or activity in favour of other

Getting financially independent and having many streams of income has always been on my list. But I realized there is a great probability that I subconsciously sabotage myself achieving it, because I despise people who don’t contribute and only consume. I realized that “sipping cocktails all day long” is a  version of me I would rather pity and find shallow, so I had to rewrite my script.

How to set the proper vision for yourself to stop sabotaging your own prosperity?

I did two exercises, one of which is part of a life coaching program. Both of them very effective in shaping my goals and tracing a path by which I would feel financially independent and fulfilled

Excercise # 1. Write your own Memorial Speech.

Imagine that your path on earth came to an end and your beloved family give their  final tribute to you 
What would you like them to say:

“She was a lazy old bag, living lavishly but not thinking of others, up to not good, boozing all day on her dry Martinis, thank God she had the courtesy to finally die”

Or you would rather have them say

“She set a good example of how, work and perseverance pay off. She was known for her humanitarian activity, her helping hand, creativity, and great parties with a lot of dry Martinis, of course. A good human, who never grew tired of learning, of helping society,  good fun to be around, and a person with whom you can have a good chat just about anything. We will greatly miss her but we will drive her Bentley with a great pleasure: ))” 

By doing so I realized that by reaching financial independence I wish to retire one lifestyle in favor of other. I envisioned a rich life – rich of activities, giving back to society, making use of my blueprint, talents and aspirations. With this vision in head I could finally stop sabotaging myself. By fearing that I would turn into a leach, sucking off money from people and living a shallow life with no purpose.
Get a pen and paper and start writing your Memorial speech.

Exercise #2. Print out pics of your role models.

After making your list see what lifestyle they retired in favor of other, what do you like about them, specifically which you would like to evolve to

My role models are

Patrick Bet-David – he does not beat around the bush, he has a good self evaluation and evaluation of others. He is self made man, with strong values

Barak and Michelle Obama – great example of a unity which conquers goals together. They bring the best out of each other.
Oprah Winfrey- I haven’t been a fan of her show, I am a fan of her personality. A pure example of living by your own inner compass and giving back to society 

Moran Cerf – he has an unquenchable thirst of knowing and decoding human nature, he restarted his life and changed direction completely. I love his researches 

Lewis David Howes – his life path is closest to the one I envision for myself. He has a wonderful pod cast meeting a lot of people on his “role model  and people who influence list”

There is something in common between all these people – which speaks to me.

  • All of them self made – quality which I highly value
  • They are all way past financial independence 
  • They contribute to society I find that they have similar blueprint to mine and are relatable to my vision for my life, the list of mentors I learn from is huge. What sets these people apart is the lifestyle I envision for myself after I reach “retirement” 

Share with me in the comments which are your role models, would love to know

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