18 Jan

The importance of measuring your goals

One of my new year’s resolutions was to to loose certain weight in body fat percentage for a period of 6 months, I did two things to keep myself accountable

step 1. I shared it in a public post 
step 2. I made a pact with my workmates that all of us that we set personal weight goals which we need to reach. For the first two weeks after the new year, we were testing the waters, indulging in some foods which are not helpful for our goals, and putting off the actual work we need to do.

Then one of my Christmas wishes arrived – a new scale which is a very elaborated body composition scale with handheld probes. Here is a link to my new toy 🙂

So here is the list of 5 things to do when measuring (weighing 😉 ) yourself  your goal

1. Get proper tool or info to measure

With the example of the bathroom scale – we got to know how much we weigh, how much our BMI is, muscle percentage, fat percentage, Basal Metabolism. And every one of us got a specific plan, what to work on.

2.Measuring too often is counter productive 

If you are at the beginning of a journey, chances are your progress is minute, and if you keep on measuring where you stand with regards your goal, there is a great probability you drop the goal altogether. As there are quarterly board meetings, not every week, one needs to know how often is good to measure the progress. If we stick to the weight loss example I would say once every 2 days proved to be the pace for me. 

3.Don’t postpone starting your task till you have the proper measuring tool.

Sometimes we don’t take any action using the excuse that we don’t know where we stand and what are the exact steps which we need to make before to reach our goal.

Let’s talk budgeting here!
Let’s say you just start your financial journey and you didn’t track your expenses. Most probably you get an advice that you do it for 3 months, so you have a clear view of where does your money goes. Your measuring tool will be the budget and expenses, your starting point will be the analysis of your spending habits.
That does not mean however that you should do nothing in the saving area. Just get your piggy bank and start putting your change there. Or create a Vault at your Revolut and make it round up your change and put it in a vault. These are small but valid steps even before you have your strategy set in order. 

4. Use the measuring tool as your vision board tool too.

Back to the weight loss, I started researching how a 25% body fat would look, and I got hooked on that image of me, which I use as base for my vision board and that makes my goal more tangible. Here I would suggest also NLP Swish pattern as well

5.Make sure you celebrate the small victories

Researches show that our brain has its main priority to keep us away from pain and to lead us towards pleasure. So our main task is to create a sense of celebration and pleasure after achieving small milestones, in order to turn the actions needed into a habit.

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