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How to choose your career according to your personality?

A job, a career, or a calling

Knowing your personality is crucial for making life enhancing choices, which bring the best out of you. Let’s say you are born in a family of doctors, the pressure on you to follow in their footsteps might be huge. You might actually dutifully do so,  and put many years into studying becoming one, but you notice that you have to put twice the effort, comparing to other peers of yours.

Then it dawns on you, that you are trying to fill someone else’s shoes, without taking into the equation that you Ms Cinderella, or Mr Cindefella have your own shoe size, which fits you perfectly. It is time for you to choose a career according to your personality

So what shall you do?

You can trust part of the work into the professional’s hands and have. There is a great test called “Holland Code Career Test”, which is very easy to take. Once you got to know your tendencies, you can see in which area you will really thrive, and can take steps to make changes to achieve fuller satisfaction. You’ll discover your top interest area and what that means for you. You’ll also learn how you scored in the other 5 interest areas. Finally, you’ll see a list of suggested careers based on your interest profile.

You can take the ” career according to your personality test” on Truity from this link

At what stage of your life you should do that test?

The obvious answer is before you decide to pursue a career. However I find this test vital for any stage of your life. Obvious macro stages would be

  • Prior choosing your studies
  • Changing career path
  • Making a transition from Military to Civilian Career

Side hustle choice

There is no need to be at a such pivotal point of your life to take such a career test. Let’s say you have a day job which pays the bills, gives you stability and a pretty comfortable life. If you are on a financial freedom journey though, you realize that there is a need to generate more income, to achieve your financial goals. Most of the times that means a side hustle. That opens a great opportunity to up your skills, to identify your strengths and to find the proper gainful extra employment, which will help you achieve your goals. With so many affordable online courses these days, you can use a career quiz to guide you on what course should you take for your side hustle.

Holland career test

The art of Job crafting

Sometimes a career test can help you to tweak your current occupation to achieve better satisfaction. There is a research done by Amy Wrzesniewski Professor at the Yale School of Management, Yale University on creating meaning in your own work, called job crafting. According to her there are 3 ways  how people can experience their work as a job, career, or calling.

I highly recommend checking Amy’s TED talk sharing her study on a cleaning crew of a hospital. Amazing study showing how part of their research group converted their mundane hard job into calling,

If  you experience your work to be a job, then you are motivated by a paycheck, see that job to be a chore or necessity, expect very little from your job, and look forward to a vacation and the weekend. If you experience your work to be a career,  then you are motivated by advancement, see that career to be a contest, expect power and prestige from your career, and look forward to upward mobility. However If you experience your work to be a calling, then you are motivated by  that calling itself, see that calling to be a mission, passion, and/or privilege, expect a better world and fulfillment from your calling, and look forward to more work.

Amy Wrzesniewski et al., Jobs, Careers, and Callings: People’s Relations  to Their Work, J. REV. PERSONALITY 21 (1997).

Amy Wrzesniewski’s work on job crafting has been published in a great variety bestselling books such as
Give and Take by Adam Grant
Drive by Daniel Pink
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman
The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler.

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