28 Feb

Revolut vs Transferwise

Game changer in my investment portfolio

Revolut VS Transferwise

When it comes to comparing Revolut Vs Transferwise, we need to take in consideration how many of the products that they offer we need, and more importantly which currencies are we going to use the platforms for. I will use both for sure, according to the specific needs.

I have been reluctant for a while to open a Revolut account as at the past there were some negative reviews with regards money in transfer taking too long and not a very quick customer support system. After months of refusing to even consider the option and seeing more and more people around me sharing bills, having instant transfers and using Revolut for practically everything I got convinced I should give it a try.

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17 Feb

The benefit of discomfort

Why adversity is sometimes beneficial

Discomfort can be a great drive to success, if we use the force properly, and with caution. There are few ways to go about that and to harness the energy which the momentum creates to exceed our own expectations. Here are two strategies which are really a pain in the behind, but have proven to be means to an end. 

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14 Feb

The biggest present for Valentine’s Day is to look in the same direction

Even though I am single I do celebrate Valentine’s day. I celebrate it for all the couples who I am blessed to have in my life, who inspire me to believe that there are matches made in heaven. The most beautiful part of their relationships is that they are certainly not perfect but they bring the best out of each other and have each other’s back. There is one other commonality between them – they all went trough rough patch of their life, they had to work for their happiness. My list is short – it consists of 6 couples, and I am lucky that 5 of them are family and friends. The sixth is a world famous one.

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11 Feb

Homework of the week – Business plan for Airbnb

Ideas which have been on the shelf for quite some time – passive income generating AirBnB

This week my mind is occupied with another dream of mine which I was preparing since about 3 years 🙂 setting up an AirBnB. 
I do not own a property suitable for AirBnB, but there is a property at our disposal currently which stays vacant for quiet some time. Beautiful location, facing the Marina with gorgeous yachts. So it is a pity that people who would love to visit the island of Malta don’t have the opportunity to stay at such an awesome location.

The current state of the flat is rather dated and there is no furniture besides two sofas in the living room. It is in deed as a dream come true, as I love decorating and furnishing challenges.

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06 Feb

Your kids might fill bigger shoes than yours – business school for kids in Malta

Influencers Interview: Natalia Lupu the founder of Biz Buzz Business Kids Malta

I was introduced to the school for young entrepreneurs of Natalia by a mutual friend. Biz Buzz Business Kids Malta, as the name shows is a
business school for kids in Malta.

I firmly believe that testaments and word of mouth are the greatest advertising. That is a genuine expression of gratitude for the good service or product. In this case my friend was sharing how much fun her daughter had with her very first business venture. Her daughter is 9 years old and already has tasted the gratifying experience of creating something from scratch. She had to overcome shyness and harness her creativity, all backed up by a financial plan.

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