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Monthly investment and goals report – January 2018

monthly report

Here is my monthly report for my investments, goals and… yes – debt. An honest non sugar coated version of it, with the occasional slips and glorious small victories. It is a journey – a fruitful learning curve 🙂


The month of January was a pretty interesting month. Some things went right and some went a bit out of control. As we receive our January wages just before Christmas, all debt payments and expenses were paid ahead of time. That left a bit of wiggle room for increasing the investment portfolio.

After reading reviews of fellow bloggers that they had very positive experience with the p2p lending platform Mintos and with Envestio, I decided to open an account with small amounts at both platforms. And true to the theory that there is no excuse to wait for better days and you can start with a very small amount I dedicated 40 eur to Mintos and 15 to Envestio from the monthly budget. All seems pretty good so far, but of course I will be able to have a review few months in.

Revolut and my investments

I also finally signed up for a Revolut account and started regretting for being so stubborn to do not do it earlier. The fact that I can top up my investment with a comfortable small amount from Revolut, without being charged for SEPA transaction is a huge game changer. I was postponing topping up with a small monthly amount my iuvo account and the klear p2p lending account because prior to Revolut I would have been charged 1 eur for every SEPA transaction. I like to think of my money as an army of hard working eurs. So this army of 20 would have had to work extra hard to compensate for the transfer charge paid. Now I can put into my investment accounts as little as it feels comfortable for the particular month’s budget.

I got a bit overjoyed by that fact and topped my iuvo and klear accounts, which led to a very tiny budget in other areas. Although I went a bit (ok, a bit more than a bit) out of the plan for the month, that could turn out for the better. My portfolio increased by 14%, which is half of what I have planned in my goals list for the first half of the year. As there will be changes in the work field after March and there might be temporary slowing down in the investments, it is great that I am at 50% of my goal.

Mini Milestone achievement

I was happy to achieve a mini milestone- 30 eur of total profit of my p2p and real estate crowdfunding portfolio. I have promised myself a spa day to celebrate it, as we should celebrate achieving our goals. The budget was exhausted though (more investments than planned as I said). So the Rebel creative side diced to trade skills instead of pay for massage in cash. Some plans can be achieved the old fashioned way – favor for favor.

Debt and savings

Nothing new in that area as all January payments were settled in December. Everything goes by plan so far. There is a novelty in my budgeting though – I renewed my sinking funds account. Or more precisely reinvented it with Revolut. They call it Vault and you can round up the change of every purchase, (eventually multiply it). You can also set up a recurrent transfer to the vault. It is the same concept as micro investment apps, but it is your saving pot, not an investment. It is amazing how things can bulk up in a short time

Last year was a year when I set the pause button on travel. I was blessed to have some members of my family visiting me instead, and some friends did the same. Not so difficult, having in mind that I live on a beautiful island with crystal clear water 🙂 But I need to visit home too. hence the sinking funds are for quality time with family this year

Blog goals

I am on track with the commitment to the posts and updates for the blog. Moreover, I have 3 very interesting interviews lined up for the 2 months ahead.

I also received my first affiliate bonus of 0.08 cents! Which is a great joy, that means that someone decided to go on his path of investing. I could not be happier to finish the month on such a positive note!

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