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Your kids might fill bigger shoes than yours – business school for kids in Malta

Influencers Interview: Natalia Lupu the founder of Biz Buzz Business Kids Malta

I was introduced to the school for young entrepreneurs of Natalia by a mutual friend. Biz Buzz Business Kids Malta, as the name shows is a
business school for kids in Malta.

I firmly believe that testaments and word of mouth are the greatest advertising. That is a genuine expression of gratitude for the good service or product. In this case my friend was sharing how much fun her daughter had with her very first business venture. Her daughter is 9 years old and already has tasted the gratifying experience of creating something from scratch. She had to overcome shyness and harness her creativity, all backed up by a financial plan.

When I was interviewing Natalia about how Biz Buzz got created, she was exuding this excitement of teaching young kids to be self sufficient, driven and daring to take their place in the entrepreneurial world.


Thank you for this interview. I was really fascinated by your idea to teach children the concept of entrepreneurship, facilitating them go through the process of creating a project of their own. I remember many years ago the infamous show the “Apprentice” and all the challenges young aspiring entrepreneurs were put through to create a competitive product.

Tell us more about you and how the idea of teaching children how to become young entrepreneurs got born?

Thank you for your interest in my project, I am very happy that you like it!

First of all I love children and the idea of contributing to their future development was always there waiting to take off.

It was last year that I was inspired by a business school for children in my home country Moldova. I thought that it would be interesting to share with kids my knowledge in Entrepreneurship. Today we see a lot of freelancers and startups being created. People are rediscovering themselves and are focusing their energies on their personal interests rather than on what the society or governments are expecting from us. I believe it’s extremely important to teach children how to become independent since this will lead to their future happiness.

What are the objectives of the course, what skills will the kids obtain by participating?

The objective of this course is to help kids become more responsible of their actions, adapt to different environments and in one phrase “take life in their hands”. All this is done through a project where children explore their creativity. They learn how to communicate and collaborate with the other team mates, how to plan and manage time, how to set and achieve goals.

We start with basic knowledge about the key elements of a project and then create our own product and sell it. During this interactive course kids are exposed to analytical thinking where they have to figure what decision to take. And this leads them to become responsible for their own actions, and having that said we take any failure as an opportunity for improvement.

And although it’s very appealing for children to earn their first money, we focus more on how to manage a project and how to act in different situations, rather than just how to make profits.

What age do you find suitable for starting such an education, and do you think one shall start with certain money skills before that?

I believe that the ideal age to start is 10 years old. In my opinion this is the time when they discover who they are and try to find their place in the world. But we have had requests even from 8 years old. I am very open to try because at this age their world and sense of possibilities expand. So who knows maybe we will be training the future Steve Jobs 🙂

However skill wise, any child that can do the 4 basic mathematical operations can join the class, reason being: we are working on the business plan which requires the ability to calculate investments, profits and other.

I saw from the videos on your facebook page that you explain complicated concept in a game form which reminds me of Suggestopedy, a great learning method via play. Do you assign them homeworks as well?

Biz Buzz Business school
Preparation of the products

The idea of this is school is to make it look and feel the least possible as a traditional school: a cosy environment, no uniforms and no homework. What we have as home activities are simple tasks related to the project assigned to all or specific kids, such as: think of an idea to work on, interview family members/friends by asking what they think about the products we create, research about how much money customers would pay and others.

And an important thing to mention is: we are more open than traditional schools, but that does not erase the Classroom rules. We discuss how important is to respect each other in different situations. We actually go deeper about this topic during the third session when we speak about the importance of the Team in a project.

I know from my friend that her daughter had great fun and great level of satisfaction of participating in the course. Do you think kids should repeat the course by creating a different project?

Thank you and I am pleased to know that kids love it!

We are adding new materials to the initial programme, therefore this course will be interesting also for old students. In fact some of them have already confirmed their attendance. However soon we will offer a wider range of courses where kids can choose whatever suits them best!

Biz Buzz in action

Which is the part of the course that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy interacting with kids and make them think, but the biggest satisfaction I get is when I see results. And I would like to share with you Cristian’s case, our 11 year old student, who has approached me a week after the course and said:

“Natalia, let’s talk business now. I was on a call with Niki and we decided that next time we should create a stand in Tigne Point. There are more people that can buy our products!”.

I was speechless and so happy to see how their mind was still exploring opportunities and thinking forward! This the real joy of a teacher!

When does the next course start?

The next Entrepreneurship course starts the first week of March and it will last for 12 sessions of 2 hours each. The first part is entertaining theory with discussions, videos, games and the second part is all about practice. The last session will be the Sale day and the location will be decided by the kids themselves – the little entrepreneurs!

Biz Buzz Entrepreneurs course

Thank you once again for the interview, Natalia!

For all who would wish that their kids dip their toes into entrepreneurship, you could contact Natalia at the school’s FB page – Biz Buzz – Business Kids Malta.
She generously offered 20% discount for the first 10 to enroll. Use the code fromflawtoflow20 when making the booking with her

Biz Buzz Voucher

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