14 Feb

The biggest present for Valentine’s Day is to look in the same direction

Even though I am single I do celebrate Valentine’s day. I celebrate it for all the couples who I am blessed to have in my life, who inspire me to believe that there are matches made in heaven. The most beautiful part of their relationships is that they are certainly not perfect but they bring the best out of each other and have each other’s back. There is one other commonality between them – they all went trough rough patch of their life, they had to work for their happiness. My list is short – it consists of 6 couples, and I am lucky that 5 of them are family and friends. The sixth is a world famous one.

A match made in heaven

When I received the message that one of my list of five – family and friends couple is tying the not, I shared with a friend of mine my utter joy. He quickly replied, they might seem perfect for each other but that does not mean it will play out well. My answer was “Well in my list they are the only couple who are just at the start of their journey. All the rest are at different stages of their life – few years in and just got a baby, 20 years in – no kids, 25 years in and their son has birthday today (Valentine’s boy), and the crown of the list is of course – 60 years in and still in love.” There are similarities which I observed by all of them

  • they are a formidable team – whatever life throws at them they tackle it together
  • they are each other’s biggest cheer leaders
  • they look in the same direction. They know their goals as a couple, and don’t shy from the “heart to heart”, when course needs to be adjusted.

Many moons ago I was given an advise from a young man who was wise beyond his ears. “In a relationship”, he said “it is not important to look into each other’s eyes, it is important to look in the same direction”. Then I saw it in action.

My favorite public couple

As much as I love bragging about the love birds I am happy to have in my life, I am not in the position to give private information publicly. But there is one couple which is publicly known and I can give my thumbs up and nominate them publicly – Michelle and Barack Obama. They already made their presence in my role models list. President Barack Obama, being an ENFJ, is wonderful personality I can look up to as an ENFJ myself and soak the vibe of being “ahead of history”. But today they win my personal classification for a role model couple, which has united vision, efforts and values and fights the fight together.

Presents for the singles

If you would like to join the Valentine celebration but you don’t have a Valentine, just make a small gesture to yourself, to be sure that you lign up with your own direction. My Valentine’s present to myself is Michelle’s book Becoming.

Some of you might have read in the New years resolution that I might buy my first dividend paying stock for Valentine’s. But I decided to concentrate on the new P2P lending platforms Mintos and Envestio and to top up my highest earner so far Iuvo group. So I thought that I shall go for the other point of my new years resolution – a book a month 🙂 So here it is – my present to myself :)))

Happy Valentine’s to all of you, whatever your status is – extra tip you might enjoy a compatibility test from the professional personality platform called Truity

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