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Monthly investment and goals report – February 2019

It is time for the regular monthly update, where I share with you what went right, and what got a bit out of hand with my entrepreneurial and investment journey. In general, a good month a lot of things to look forward to and some small “first-time” things, which are always exciting.

1. Entrepreneurial plans

This month was a pretty interesting one when it comes to planning for  new ventures and considering how much it would cost to start them. I had a homework to calculate how much it would cost us to refurbish a flat to convert it from an ex office space into anartistic Airbnb. 

At first, I made a business plan with a very sophisticated transformation, which would include refurbishing the bathroom and kitchenette. Then I decided that we can do with the vast collection of items which I already have collected for that purpose, creating a great Boho style place, with some art nouveau elements. Meaning that the furniture, textile, art and decorative pieces I already possess will make a great part of the transformation.

Fresh coat of paint, few more pairs of high quality linen, light fixtures and a good comfortable bed, is all we need to add to give this wonderful place a new life. That will be first phase of the project, and we should fit into 1500 eur for that. Automation as planned in this article will happen aprox. end of June. And full bathroom refurbishment will be left for the winter season. Right now the only problem of the bathroom is that it is dated – but it is fully functioning and will be more than sufficient for the first season of the BnB.

I also have a scheduled interview for next week with a very successful Airbnb host, whom I got to know trough a mutual friend. He showed even interest in managing our place for us. He shares our philosophy that we are obliged to go the extra mile for our guests to create an experience for them, so I will be glad to cooperate with him.

2. Fromflawtoflow

I am so happy that this is the first month that the blog generated an income to cover some of the expenses :))) Again, you are on this journey with me, so you will see me overjoyed from very small successes. But first things are always exciting – like the first steps of a baby. 
The income was generated from Amazon affiliate and Google adsense – total: 2.61 eur – I told you, it is a minute step but hey, that is a wonderful start.

3. Monthly budget

Now things don’t look so good here, I have so many things going on, that I stretched myself tooooo thin. I emptied my holiday vault, which I created in Revolut, to make some micro investments in my investments accounts. I have a tendency of impatience from time to time, which results in exhausting some of my resources in order to achieve a goal with higher priority. Which leads to 4

4. My investment goals. 

I have planned an increase in my portfolio by 30% for the first 6 months of 2019. And I am proud to say that by the end of the first week of March that goal will be crossed. I did overdo it indeed, and that affected my entertainment and holiday vault. But with the employment shifts which are to follow from the first of April, I wanted that goal already fulfilled so I have some energy to tackle more. In that aspect, I believe that the money snowball of Dave Ramsey has a huge psychological effect. Knowing that I have achieved one of the tasks, releases some mental power to focus on the next one at hand.

As a new customer of Revolut, I went on testing micro-investment, with any spare change I had during the month. I actually have planned to invest only 50 eur for the month of February. But the ease of topping up my accounts made me top up with a bit more. No SEPA charges are great for my “squeeze a cent here and there month”

Here are the transfers I did from my Revolut account for the month of February to increase my portfolio.

27.02 – Iuvo 10 eur
27.02 – Envestio 10 eur
24.02 – Iuvo 9 uer
21.02 – Envesto 10 eur
20.02 – Iuvo 20 eur
06.02 – Mintos 11 eur
04.02 – Mintos – 5 eur
04.02 – Iuvo 20 eur
Total 95 eur


That is what happened in the month of February in general. March will be a very active month too – a lot of transformations in day job aspect, plus a holiday to my home country – Bulgaria, where I will meet the life insurance brokers, with whom I was in contact. Remember the plan of “5 things to do despite feeling immortal?”. That is about to get done.  
In general, I am pleased with one mission accomplished. And planning for the rest to see daylight.

You can check my updated portfolio here

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