07 Mar

Do women invest?

I know this question would sound rather silly in this century, when a lot of women are successful entrepreneurs, but I do believe that with regards investments there is still a gap. And celebrating 8th of March as Women’s day, I ponder around the topic – women and investments. 
We have many examples of successful girls when it comes to budgeting, debt  repayment and household income. But very few I hear go the extra mile and make  their hard earned money work for them.

One of the local brokers here in Malta organized a free seminar this evening to introduce their brokerage services to the wider public. The topic was funds, their benefits and disadvantages. I arrived a bit later, and had a good look at the audience. I was pleased to see that out of 20 attendees there were at least 5 women (6 with me)

In the coffee break I managed to exchange some words with them. Some of them were studying the subject, some were working in financial institutions but non of them had a portfolio yet. When I asked one of the ladies, who works in the field, does she invest herself, her eyes widened as if I asked her does she drive a Ferrari. 

When I got the chance to speak to one of the organisers, a very pleasant lady, she agreed that women are widely occupied in the financial sector even on leading positions, but becoming investors is still a terra incognita for our gender. 

I, as a woman, feel responsible to emphasize that it is just a mind set. That opening an account, be it with one of my favourite p2p lending platforms, or a contract with brokerage firm does not have any gender restrictions at all.

I purposefully check the names on comments on articles of fellow investors  to see how many Gals are making their money work for them. For every 10, there would be 1 girl.

A recent survey shows that the women who do invest tend to outperform their male counterparts. But guess what asked, what would we do if we had extra 1000 eur only 35% of us will consider investing it. For God’s sake dear Divas, we have proved we can drive a tractor without even smearing our lipstick, shall we choose our battles wisely?

I did enjoy immensely reading an interview with one woman, who not only invested, but is actually a founder of a p2p lending platform- a fintech with good feature Simona Vaitkune – CEO of Fast invest. She is on my interview list in few months time! The more girls we have like her to look up to, the more it will become a norm.

I wish a happy 8 of March to all of you wonderful women! Maybe tucked into the flowers you recieve, you will get a stock share purchased on your name 🙂 Put your best dress on and be gorgeouse – that does not exclude being an investor 🙂 

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