10 Mar

The benefit of changing the perspective

seeing clearly can happen only when you refocus

 I have shared few times that due to more urgent financial goals I postponed a lot of travelling and was mainly concentrated on work for the last 2 years. Looking back, I am really happy I took that decision but recently I discovered that recallibration is as important as dedication. 

There was an opportunity for a cheap flight to the capital city of Bulgaria. I decided that it will be a great opportunity to change the atmosphere and do something which brings me joy- I love cultural tourism and nature. We had one day planned for culture, one day for nature and one day for portfolio, blog, finances. I love it when there is a mix of “business and pleasure” in my trips and this trip has the perfect balance.

 I must say I am so grateful for the decision! This month there is a lot of restructuring and changes at my day job, which inevitably brings certain level of anxiety. I am glad I achieved my portfolio goals for the period till July already, so I have freed some mental strength to tackle other pressing problems, which need full dedication. 

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

There is a saying “If you are not part of the solution it most probably means you are part of the problem”. Which might be true. It might also mean that you are so focused on your problem that you obsess about it and don’t see the sea of opportunities. 
I do not advocate procrastination, quiet the opposite. What I do find beneficial thou is for a short while to immerse yourself in a pleasurable situation which is totally different than your everyday routine. At the moment you feel most content ask yourself “now how should I solve that problem”. Not “Oh, I forgot, I’ve got a problem”. Ask yourslef the rigth question “what is the best course of action”. Think of a solution while in higher state of mind. That proves to line up some really amazing opportunities.

I even started basking in the torrent of positive energy while I was packing for my tour, as it is proven that the biggest excitement of a tour is just before it starts. 

Now, I have to admit that some particularly funny situations arose during the trip. The security at the airport thought that my car key is a knife and I had to take out my neatly packed clothes. Then, passing through the crowd, the handle of my bag caught a very expensive bottle of whiskey and it got smashed on the floor. But I think that the heightened state of mood helped the situations get resolved in a positive manner. Which led me to the conclusion, that problems, tackled when in a good mood, are tackled way better.

Here is the outcome of the meetings in Sofia connected with my financial planning.

Have a wonderful week!

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