27 Apr

How to be charitable on a budget

These days charity seems to make the headlines with the Notre-Dame fire, and the immediate wave of donations following. My blog entry coincided with the discussion on donations, flashiness or inappropriateness. The topic today is not about that though, the topic is about building a habit of being charitable, putting it in your agenda and in your budgeting as a regularity.   Charity starts at home, which means that you need to meet your needs first and then to disperse part of your wealth to the people in need. There is a certain stage though when we wish to be more charitable, to have a mindset of abundance, but we are not there yet on our goals. We wish to push harder to achieve our milestones, which in many cases means sacrifice. 

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21 Apr

How to close sales

This month I attended 3 courses simultaneously and my mental capacity was engaged in learning new skills more than being creative in one form or another. That is the reason why I skipped 2 entries of the blog. 

I wanted to share the new skills obtained, but at the same time, it felt like it is too early to do so. It would feel like giving an expert opinion while being a newbie. 
There is one thing which I can talk about with confidence though – sales, more specifically how to close sales.

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05 Apr

Meeting new people and allowing their view to crack your stance

A winning ticket

This week was April’s fool, and for the length of the whole day, it didn’t even cross my mind to try and convince someone lets say that I decided to colour my hair green. (Would have been more appropriate for St Patrick’s day on a second thought 🙂 )

However, at the end of the day, I had an itch to pull someone’s leg and have a good laughter. Said and done – I wrote to two of my friends that I need to meet them for a coffee to celebrate that I won from the lotto. To make it more plausible and not suspicious I told one that I won 30 eur and the other that I won 100. They both believed me and I was rolling with laughter how excited they were for my win.

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