21 May

Exploring different niches – side hustle is a good way to grow

How many times have you heard of stories, how someone left a safe job and went all way in into their passion and it worked good. Do you have the inner hunch to do so as well? Do you wish to burn all ships, so it is a certain win or certain death, as there is no way back. 
In order to take a proper decision how to advance on your path, you need to answer a few questions.

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05 May

Monthly update on the financial journey

How did April go?

As every month I update my investment portfolio and debt repayment.

Lets start with the ugly 🙂

The month of April was a high expense month, comparing to the normal cash flow, as it is a month for road taxes and car insurance for me. I swore that I will never buy a property or a car around Christmas or significant Birthday’s as it means that every year for the duration of the time I own the car or property a huge expense in a tax form would occur. So the month of April is a pretty safe choice when it comes to treating myself to a big price tag purchase.

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