05 May

Monthly update on the financial journey

How did April go?

As every month I update my investment portfolio and debt repayment.

Lets start with the ugly 🙂

The month of April was a high expense month, comparing to the normal cash flow, as it is a month for road taxes and car insurance for me. I swore that I will never buy a property or a car around Christmas or significant Birthday’s as it means that every year for the duration of the time I own the car or property a huge expense in a tax form would occur. So the month of April is a pretty safe choice when it comes to treating myself to a big price tag purchase.

I have to admit though, that due to the fact that I stretched myself too thin, it fell worse than Christmas. I had a plan to park the car for a month and sort it in increments, but apparently that is not possible here.

As I mentioned in my previous update, I was on the look out for a side hustle which would help me retire my two loans as quick as possible. Moreover, a positive cashflow is needed for creating an emergency cushion. My budget was in the red as my rental expense got increased by 70% in the last few months and my monthly income got decreased by about a 100 euro (apperently we were not calculating taxes according to the fact that I am single, so my “bachelorette” tax is about 100 euro more). Both in combination were very stressful events to my 0 sum budget. So, I was on the hunt for a side hustle. I aquired one and on the way to aquire a second one. For the time being budget is still in the red, but on the mend. I have a boss, who is an angel on earth and gave me a shoulder, very grateful for that.

Investment portfolio

For the month of April, I made some minor investment in my p2p portfolio. That was according to plan – I reached my 6 months target in March. I did the happy dance and focused on working on having more cash flow. The portfolio generated a stable ROI of 10 eur. Having in mind that it is a very small portfolio, I am pleased with the results. Highest earners for now are envestio and iuvo-group. Despite the many defaulted credits with buy-back guarantee, iuvo- group keeps stable 14,4 % annual ROI. Envestio does not offer many projects, but the ones that get listed are with a ROI of roughly 17%. The principal is paid at the maturity of the loan, so one can not reinvest it straight away like my iuvo-portfolio, but it is the highest ROI so far. I haven’t done a review yet as my portfolio is too small, and only 4 months in.

Self development

I had a wonderful experience with a Real Estate Master class organised by one of the well established local estate agencies. Besides the knowledge gained, I also met some valuable people, with whom a positive cooperation will be established for the years to come.

My psychology course is about to finish as well, which was also a wonderful ground laying experience in knowing more about the discipline as such.

Plans for the month of May

The month of May is a very exciting one – I am about to publish my friend’s book. I created already the cover and we are in the process of proofreading. It is a collection of 10 stories in the erotic genre, so I am not sure yet if I would advertise it here. I like to keep things separately. If there is an interest however, drop me an email at fromflawtoflow(at)gmail(dot)com It is an amazing flight of fantasy in the erotic realm and a very well written book, from a very well versed and intelligent man. His works and publications are normally in the psychiatric field, so this book is a creative outlet.

On another note, I selected few stocks I wish to buy on the US market – dividend paying, of course. I have always had this attraction to businesses which are considered an unusual choice – as I have mentioned, we run an online adult boutique as a side activity.

Now, the stocks which I chose are other two niches, which I have contemplated setting a business in the past – waste management and funeral services. I am not sure that I will pursue creating such a business myself, but I am death sure I will buy shares 🙂 If I set businesses in every niche in which I have interests I need a lifespan of 100 years – I guess shares have to do the trick.

That is in short how April rolled! I have some pretty good tarot spreads for May, so I am eager to see how it will pan out

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