27 May

The pill of wisdom – graduating from different stages in your life

As a quirky girl, I pride myself for wearing many hats. One of them, of course, is the hat of a girl on a financial journey, doing my best to grow a steady portfolio, and a stable financial cushion to have the comfort of meeting life challenges with greater ease. Other hobbies of mine are astrology and tarot – go figure…

I was watching my Leo tarot reading for the week saying “great job Leos, you got promoted to the next level – you got the pill of wisdom”. The lady who does the reading is such a sweet angel with a good sense of humour – pointing out rightfully that some of us would think “Only the pill of wisdom? All that effort and sacrifice and only the pill of wisdom?? No 5K attached to it?”. But the pill of wisdom is the greatest present one can actually get. 

Imagine you are given 5k indeed, but you are entrenched in your old patterns. How quickly they will melt, to leave you at the starting point. Case in point, how many lotto millionaires file for bankruptcy after they had a blast. So if you graduated from old habits and are given the pill of wisdom results will follow. 

I believe that in this matters we learn exactly as we would in a real school – baby steps. Wisdom pill after wisdom pill. 

Graduation pill for the week

My graduation for the week ( that is an understatement – it is a graduation for the year) was publishing two items on Amazon – a low content comic layout book and the erotic book of a friend of mine. A well-versed author with wild fantasy in that genre. My idea to become a publisher merged with his desire to escape the rut of publishing academic works. A creative outlet in that genre which led to crafting 10 different stories, some of which spicy, some of which jolly, and some very romantic.

The book is called “10 steps to adoration” by Cimen Runar. Word of warning – it is an adult content book, hence I am not putting the link here. But I highly recommend the read – you can find it on Amazon. It is a pleasure to read books which are crafted by people who combine high intellect, fantasy, and masterful manner of expression.

Ohh I guess it is sort of a graduation for my friend too ( a fellow Leo)- after many years of academia, that is the first book in a totally different direction! We need more authors of the kind in that genre, so we can enjoy exceptional storytelling skills in combination with fantasy.

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