24 Jun

What is your money dial -second part

Last week I wrote about money dials and what importance they play in our spending.

It is a concept developed by Ramit Sethi. He has worked with many people on analyzing their money dial and how to stop spending unnecessarily on expenses which don’t bring much value and joy to our life.

I continued pondering on the topic of what my money dials are and do I hold grudges towards myself for some of them. I think I was not completely honest with my judgement of my money dials. It is ok, as long as I admit it and stop blaming myself for decisions made in that respect.

One category I didn’t mention is luxury – whether it is things for the home, myself or my loved ones. There we go – I admit it – I like luxury.

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16 Jun

Champagne taste on a beer budget?

What is your money dial?

Very often I thought of myself as a person who has “Champagne taste on a beer budget”. And to a certain extent I do believe that it is true. I am from the people who like new gadgets- robot vacuum cleaner with a set timer, the best cooling fans, best kitchenware and houseware. I also spent more than 400 on a steamer to clean my home in a eco friendly manner – that is luxury, believe me.

Those purchases for sure classify in splurge category when it comes to budgeting on a low budget. Do I need to cut off such purchases altogether, in order to achieve my financial goals? 

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08 Jun

Inspired action VS strategy

Do you sail with the wind or follow a set path?

So what is the difference between both and what works best for you?
Let’s start with inspired action. I am a believer in the law of attraction.

In my understanding, we are capable to envision certain outcomes, and if we keep a positive unobstructed vibe about them, we get presented with an unbelievable wealth of opportunities. Sometimes, we live to experience so many synchronicities, that we could get a bit light-headed. The easy and “right time, right place” way of things falling into place feels incredible and we take inspired actions.

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02 Jun

Monthly Report for May 2019

As every month I try to summarize what went according to plan, what was achieved, moments of celebration, and moments of the hall of shame.

As a starter this is a month to be grateful. It is advisable to practice gratitude at any time, but when the universe in the form of friends, family and colleagues (and even the tax department) manifests a lot of your desires, that puts an extra bright smile on your face.

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