02 Jun

Monthly Report for May 2019

As every month I try to summarize what went according to plan, what was achieved, moments of celebration, and moments of the hall of shame.

As a starter this is a month to be grateful. It is advisable to practice gratitude at any time, but when the universe in the form of friends, family and colleagues (and even the tax department) manifests a lot of your desires, that puts an extra bright smile on your face.

The other day I received a chocolate from a colleague of mine who had a trip to Holland – the chocolate was a Sea-salt chocolate. Whenever you bite of it you have the melting pleasure of sweetness, whit the occasional crunch of crystal of salt. I was thinking “Ohhhh, that is what balanced life feels like – the crystal of salt heightens your appreciation for the sweetness. “

I got the present of life-work balance

I have been focusing so much on achieving my goals and budgeting, and trimming costs, that my mental and physical health got impacted. So much so that my boss had to pretend that they don’t need me at work for one day, so I can stay home and rest. I totally didn’t get the message, and swapped shifts so I can take extra work from my side hustle. The universe had other plans for me though – I got sick and had to stay home. I had to listen finally to my body and give it well deserved rest.

And the universe had another card up her sleeve – a friend of mine – who is the author of the book we published, booked a weekend away to celebrate the event. It was a weekend of culture, food and nature, in a good company – a total recharge.

I made a promise to myself that I will do my best to honour my needs for quality rest and distress

Successfully finished my psychology course

Every year, I try to take up a course, which will aid me on my path of personal development and growth, starting with NLP, Leadership and this year was an entry into psychology. A wonderful outcome from that is that I take inspired actions, to improve different areas of my life. My take away from this course are the attachment theories, how our attachment styles affect our personal relationships and even our work performance. Especially if one is leaning to the anxious/ambivalent attachment style.

A very good test which many recommend is Diane Poole Heller’s Attachment Styles Test. There you get a percentage of the different attachment styles, you would lean towards. I was pleased that my predominant style was secure, but there was a percentage of disorganized and anxious, which need TLC. Soon I am about to purchase her book and will make a review.

I became a publisher

In my new year’s resolutions and in a few posts I mentioned that this is a goal for 2019. In my previous entry, I shared that the book is a fact – an erotic novel by Cimen Runar, called “10 Steps to adoration”. A collection of 10 stories of 10 people on their journey to discover where their fantasies lead them. We have a second book lined up and it should be published by February 2020.

As a sideline, I am preparing low content books – week planners, layout comic books, tarot diaries and scripting diaries. One comic layout book is published already. The plan for June is to have 10 more.

And here the blessing did pour as well – my old laptop – my trusty warrior with whom we combated a lot of Photoshop, Corel Draw and 3D project, decided that it is time for well deserved retirement. Definitely not a month to invest in a new one, and having in mind what miracles I need it to perform, it would have been with a hefty price tag.

Dear friends with tech heads and love for gadgets surprised me with a replacement for mine, as they tend to use more a PC – needles to say I am a happy grateful bunny. In fact, this is the very first article I am writing on it.

Investment portfolio

This month the investment portfolio is steady – as I have achieved the 6 months goal in March, I had the chance to focus on other matters and let it predominantly on the drip – reinvesting the ROI. I upped my Iuvo-Group portfolio to reach 700 (it was 623 eur in April), as it is my highest earning investment. The plan is till the end of 2019 to reach 1000 eur of investment on the platform.

I celebrated the end of May with reaching 70 eur total ROI of my investment portfolio since August. That means that my hard earned eurs have worked really hard as well. Needless to say ending up with 70 eur ROI in less than a year, when you had only 20 eur to start with, is a mindshift change to celebrate. Next milestone is 20 eur monthly ROI. This month it is little over 11 eur. If I was to withdraw it I would have gotten a yummy English brekki paid for only for diligently putting a small portion of my income to work parallel with me.

As a conclusion I would say that the month resonates with the season – spring is a wonderful time for tossing old patterns and creating new healthier ones. Some new project and preferably fresh air and nature.

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