08 Jun

Inspired action VS strategy

Do you sail with the wind or follow a set path?

So what is the difference between both and what works best for you?
Let’s start with inspired action. I am a believer in the law of attraction.

In my understanding, we are capable to envision certain outcomes, and if we keep a positive unobstructed vibe about them, we get presented with an unbelievable wealth of opportunities. Sometimes, we live to experience so many synchronicities, that we could get a bit light-headed. The easy and “right time, right place” way of things falling into place feels incredible and we take inspired actions.

What is the place of strategy in that case?

If we can manifest unlimited things and we can morph our life according to our beliefs, what is the point of strategy? We just get another blank paper, and start drawing again, right? Strategy, in my understanding, is to make the effort of building a wholesome vision for your life. It will allow the inspired actions to build on top of each other, so there is a coherent line and compounding goodness (in all forms and shapes, including material, of course).

If you have a strategy, which brings all pillars of a wholesome life, and you envision it all the time. All the small inspired actions will fit in like puzzle pieces, and at the same time, you will not feel trapped in a rut. 

None of the two on its own would bring a balanced life – inspired actions without the whole picture, shooting in 1000 directions would bring small momentary joys, but they will be short lived. There will be no substance.

You can manifest someone bringing you a coffee, a trip to Bora Bora or whatever your heart desires. But the satisfaction of such sporadic manifestations is short lived. If there is a strategy and vision in place, about your beliefs, values, long term goals, all small actions which we allow the universe to align us up with are a string of beautiful beads adorning the jewellery of life.

A strategy on its own is also a very lonely and unbalanced place to be – focusing on the big goals in life only, without a room for spontaneity, time to relax, or simply be a bit goofy, is a lonely path to ticking boxes… it would feel like a prison sentence – counting the days to the final goal…

How to strike your personal balance

I am a firm believer in knowing your personality in order to achieve your best potential. I would say that the 16 personalities test and the four tendencies are two tests which I hold a high torch for. They seem to be the most efficient for me on two levels – inspiration and motivation. How do I go about strategy and inspired action? 
For the majority of my life, I have leaned towards inspired action. After I tested my personality I understood why. As an ENFJ, I have a tendency to be an idealist and visionary, with a tendency of boredom when a repetitive action is required.
Any long term strategy had the tendency to scare me off a bit, due to the potential chance of repetition and boredom. I had to look for positive examples of people who have achieved success in a different area of their life, sharing the same personality with me. After observing their life cycles I came to the very soothing conclusion. 

A strategy is a long term commitment. Commitment is very often associated with monotony – day in day out same old, same old. But the commitment instead of limiting could be actually liberating. The shift in mindset happens when we realize that, there are different phases of life, and we are free to explore different inspired actions through each and every phase. 

One of my favourite ENFJ examples to look up to is Oprah Winfrey. She set her vision early on, on what she would like her life trajectory to be. That traces her general path and she hones her strengths. She throws a lot of inspired actions in the combination which bring one stage of her life to a full cycle and bring the next one, there is a coherence – the strategy and the sense of adventure, new start new territory – the inspired actions. She broadens her path. 

If we take only inspired actions, we are like loose cannons shooting in different directions. If we are too rigid and never stray away from our focus, we starve our inner child for excitement and novelty. A well-balanced mix of both is what is needed for a life well lived.    

Just at the time of writing this article, I got asked for a recommendation for a massage therapist! Now that is what I call inspired action – in fact I am going to treat myself to a massage too. The question came from a person, with whom we had a discussion about goals and plans and what needs to happen to achieve them. I told him he will be quoted: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That is a proper mix me thinks 🙂

If you wish to know yourself better and to act according to your strengths – I strongly recommend you check your personality type. Here is a website I like to use for my tests Truity

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