04 Sep

Diving into Human Design – where do I stand

One more personality type modality to put in the tool kit

I have always been fascinated by different modalities and system which help in one way or another know yourself better. Be it choosing the right career path, compatibility of values and character traits for a long term relationship, or as often the topic on this particular blog revolves – good old money :)))

Back to Human Design and its application in everyday life. In order to create a chart, you would need to know the exact time of your birth. It takes a few seconds and you have a chart like this generated for you, with a very basic explanation.

this is my personal chart 🙂

Human design on a napkin

As it appears it is a combination of astrology and Chinese energy meridians, (called channels, consisting of two gates) and chakra systems (however the chakras are 9 instead of 7). Once you get your chart I suggest you do what every self-respecting “new age truth digger” does – go on youtube :))))

And so I did. My thirst for knowledge is still not quenched.. But anything beyond the information I amassed costs some precious money and my goals are not in alignment with spending money on each and every new platform I stumble upon. So eventually in the future, that might change, but for now, I will go by the freebies :))))

Apparently, all centres which are coloured, are defined and the ones in white are undefined. White means, that that area is not your strength and you either seek people with those qualities and are naturally drawn to them or you have been conditioned with some believes which in most cases are limiting.

In other words, if we use the nature vs nurture debate, coloured means nature, white would mean nurture or conditioning.

What did I take from my body graph with regards to my finances

Whether I am biased and want the newly gained information to fit me or it is the holy grail of finding purpose and living an authentic life, only time can show. For what is worth I will concentrate on a white centre of mine – the heart centre and (in my opinion) its juxtapositioning channel between the root centre and the spleen centre. The lack of colour in my heart centre does not stand for being “heartless” but for lacking willpower. On the other hand – channel 28-38 is the most stubborn channel in the whole graph.

Stubbornness vs willpower

This juxtaposition strung a chord with me. When I put my mind on creating something, setting up somethings, reaching a goal – I am unstoppable. A stubborn bull (ascendant is Taurus here) but in the long run, I lack a will power whatsoever. That is why I chunk down to tangible short term goals, which I can achieve. My life is goal after goal. Knowing my shortcomings made me commit to 3 saving plans, those institutions have the willpower I don’t, it is done automatically for me. Like any other bill that just has to be paid. I use my strength to achieve my investment portfolio goals, I can go to the extent of eating omelettes and paella every single day and hibernate till I reach my 6 months investment goal. Knowing your strengths and shortcomings is a very important step for a long, sustainable business if you happen to be entrepreneurial.

Are you a solo player or a team player

For my own business endeavours I know, I thrive in a partnership, with someone who brings these skills to the table. Someone who can day in- day out stay on track with the mundane routine of running a business for years to come, provoking my endless energy sources to achieve a goal after goal along the path. I have learned that by trial and error, with a bunch of businesses which I wanted to be the “one-woman-show”. That got confirmed by human design, as well by the way. My life curve is 3/5 and as it seems it stands for being a martyr till becoming a master.

As much as I wish to think of myself as a master, this is still the beginning of the journey. Let’s see where it goes. It is your turn to explore 🙂

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