Update How did the portfolio do in 2019

My portfolio for 2019 had steady growth. It was a huge step for me, from a person who reached a financial personal bottom in 2017. Back then I was earning less than my monthly expenses, saving and investing were words sounding far in the future.

Now almost two years later, my portfolio is still small and currently on hold. Last year I did set a goal for every 6 months – growth by 35%. For 2019 both goals were achieved ahead of time, so I had some time to relax and bask into the feeling of accomplishment

Where do I stand now?

Having in mind the current global circumstances it makes sense for me to hold onto as many resources as possible and resume investing after I ( and many others, who are in the most volatile sectors) find our feet again.

If you happen to have a stable income, your 6 months emergency funds are in order and you have some extra cash sitting around – you are lucky to buy investments on a huge discount. Now is the time to throw any extra money you have into a conservative stable investment, that will bounce back to normal after the storm passes. Had it been the case for me, I would have thrown money on my favourite stock shares as if I am in congress. Let alone properties that will be sold on discount.

For many of us though, who are prone to high-risk investments now is the time to sit tight and learn yoga :))))) It is very easy to go in overdrive and either panic sell what you have or buy like crazy, knowing that “this shall pass” leaving the saving accounts to the bare bone.

How to choose your mentors

Financial wisdom is knowing when to act and when to wait, I am not saying I am as wise as I wish to be, but as always I choose whom to listen to. I happened to have chosen very conservative mentors, who have a crisis or two under their belts and can speak from the “been there, done that” point of view.

Many a time, I have learned from my own mistakes, I do hope that this will be a time when no mistakes are done to be counted as a life experience. Keeping calm seems to be the best strategy for now.

Portfolio April 2020 update

Portfolio April 2020StartPlatformInvestment Wallet%Income for the MonthTotal income
P2P LendingAugust – 2018Klear€123.627.20%€0.00€9.92
P2P LendingAugust – 2018Iuvo€910.0713.89%€0.00€125.49
P2P LendingJanuary – 2019Mintos €205.6011.33%€0.00€14.98
Real Estate CrowdfundingAugust – 2018Housers€553.497.57%€0.00€38.16
Affiliate program from HousersAgust 2018HousersBONUSES€0.00€25.00
Business loans CrowdfundingJanuary – 2019Envestio-pyramid that bankrupted €0.0015.00%€0.00-€19.96
Stock SharesMarch – 2019Elana BG Trade€29.50growth and divident€0.00€1.55
Revolut Stocks – NewSeptember – 2019Revolut€11.69growth and divident€0.00€0.80

Here is how 2019 looks chunked down into months:

MonthPortfolio sizeProfit

My investment portfolio looks insignificant, but it is a good example that we all should start from somewhere. My first investment was on a P2P lending platform and I started with 20 eur.


  • 31 January turned out to be the day when I achieved a milestone! 30 euro profit from my p2p portfolio. For a person, who had only 20 euro to start with a few months back, this is a big milestone. I promised myself a massage when that happens (not from the profits, from my sinking funds) Swapped the massage with a dress, but still a reward :)))
  • In the first week of March, I reached 30% growth planned for the first 6 Months of 2019
  • On 18th of March Purchased my first dividend-paying stocks :)))
  • On the 4th of May, my portfolio reached 60 euro total return since the start of investments
  • For my Birthday – 1 year after starting the investment my portfolio has generated total income of 99.9 eur just 10 cents under 100. I have a quirky side to me, which holds a belief with regards the symbolic of numbers – the meaning of number 999 is completion. A full year on a new path, on a learning curve. So far, so good 🙂
  • 24 September – Dipping my toes in US stock market – after having a side gig on a health conference I received the letter that Revolut has offered trading on the platform. So I got my first fractional shares from the money of the side gig
  • In October I reached the 35% growth for the second part of the year
  • In November I received my first stock dividend payment

Next Milestones to look forward to:

  • Buy my first REIT in Malta (when the law passes
  • 20 euro of monthly return of investment

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