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18 Jan

The importance of measuring your goals

One of my new year’s resolutions was to to loose certain weight in body fat percentage for a period of 6 months, I did two things to keep myself accountable

step 1. I shared it in a public post 
step 2. I made a pact with my workmates that all of us that we set personal weight goals which we need to reach. For the first two weeks after the new year, we were testing the waters, indulging in some foods which are not helpful for our goals, and putting off the actual work we need to do.

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28 Dec

5 personality tests which shaped my life

I believe I am one of the so called self development junkies. Testing any research and psychology test which gives more insights on how our emotional intelligence and the motivation behind our behavior. Here is the list of 5 personality tests which I found most effective in different areas of life.

It is highly unlikely that we take seriously a quiz in a magazine or any kind of time killer entertaining activity “to know ourselves”. But when behind these tests stays a big body of researches and therapists, HRs, and life coaches successfully apply them to asses your strengths, shortcomings, and tendencies in order to assist you to make your relationships more fulfilled, to make you stick to a plan, or guide you on your career choice, you would definitely concider sparing a bit of your free time, to get to know where you stand. Here are the 5 tests which were very revealing for me

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